About Us

Locally owned and focused at Central & Camelback.  

Charley Jones grew up in the Uptown area and started Corridor Living in 1987.  He knows the residents, houses, neighborhoods, and long-term history of the area.  With his experience and expertise, Corridor delivers exceptional product, value and stability in this part of Phoenix.  For over 25 years, Corridor has provided great benefits to its customers.

In addition, Charley volunteers 25% of his time working with the City to improve Uptown neighborhoods and the surrounding area.  He chaired the Alhambra Village Planning Committee for 6 years (member now), is a member of Mayor Gallego’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee, past President of Community Alliance of Seventh Avenue for 4 years, past President of the Seventh Avenue Merchant’s Association, member of Phoenix Infill Development Advisory Board, member of Uptown Phoenix TOD Steering Committee, and (current) President of Pierson Place Historic District for almost 20 years.

Charley’s mission is to continuously improve and enhance the Uptown neighborhoods, keep crime rates at the lowest levels in the City, and ultimately improve the quality of life for Corridor customers.

Living in the Corridor, deal with a professional dedicated owner!