The last thing you need in your home is anything broken.  You might not be concerned about a broken doorknob, but we know it will bug you (unconsciously) every time you use that door.  And, the last thing we want is something that will cost more to fix in the long run.  There is a clear mutual interest here, yours and ours.  That’s why our number one priority is repairing things that break, as soon as they break.  We do repairs five days a week, and in less than 30 minutes in emergencies.  Most repairs are done in-house, and for the really big jobs, we have a long-established team of contractors on call 24/7.

On maintenance items, we ask that you be our eyes and ears.  Look at things, listen to things, identify things that are broken, and notify us immediately when something needs repair.  It’s that simple.  Just let us know what and where, and we will get it fixed!

Be sure and tell us about everything that needs attention when you contact us.  That way, we can bring the right people, tools and materials to fix everything the first time.  Of course, you might have to control your pets for us, but nothing more than that.

This is good for you and us, making for a great business relationship.

It is just that simple.

Living in the Corridor, you won’t live with disrepair!