Customize Your House

We know plain white walls are not for everyone. 

We think your home should look the way you want it to, because after all, you have to come home every day and live in it.  Our “Customizer” program allows you to decorate like you would your own house.

Want to paint the walls different colors?  Add wallpaper?  Change out fixtures?

Replace window coverings?  Flooring?  Appliances? 

You name it, this program allows you to do it. 

Simply guarantee to return the item back to its original condition when you move, and then have at it!  Put up a small deposit (equal to the cost of returning it to the original condition), and you can make the premises to the way you want.

What could be better than living with the colors you like, the styles you like, in the house you like?

Living in the Corridor, you can have it your way!